Materials for anti-wear hardfacing
There are parts in each sector which are subject to different kinds of wear, and therefore after having analyzed carefully all the data, it is possible to achieve a significant expense reduction using our products.

Flux cored wires
Submerged arc welding
Tungsten Carbide Products
PTA Powders
PTA Systems
Wear Plates
Special products

technical support
Our Technical Department is at the customer’s disposal. Our technicians will guide you throughout various problems in the field of anti-wear applications. We develop the best solutions in order to satisfy Your needs concentrating on your core business. The improvement of our products is guaranteed by a strict collaboration between Technical Departments of Universities and Welding Institutions. It is also possible to obtain the analysis certification of the produced material if requested.


These products are used in the following industry fields:
• Steel Industry
• Cement Plants
• Ceramic industry
• Agriculture
• Mining and Drilling
• Paper Industry
• Recycling Industry
• Oil and Gas Industry
• Chemical and Food industry
• Rubber and Plastic Industry
• Wood Industry
• Electrical Industry

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