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Flame Systems
Arc Systems
HVOF Systems
Plasma Systems

Consumable Goods:
Solid Wires: Zn, Al, Cu, Ni, Sn, Mo, Steel,
Zn/Al, Sn/Zn, Cu/Zn, Cu/Sn, Cu/Al, Ni/Cr,
Ni/Al, Ni/Cr/Al.

Flux cored Wires: NiCrBSi, NiAlMo, NiCrMo,
NiCr, NiAl, NiCrBWC, NiCrBSiWCCo, FeCrB,
FeCrBSiMn, FeCrAl, FeCrMoNbBWC,
CoCrWFeC, CoCrMoNi.

Powders: WC-Co, WC-Co-Cr, WC-Ni, NiCrBSi,
NiCrBSi+WC-Co, NiCrBSi+WC, NiCr, NiAl,
FeCrBSiMn, FeCrAl, FeNiMn, Chromium oxide,
Aluminium oxide, Titanium oxide, CoCrWFeC,
CoCrMoNi, CoCrNiWC.

technical support
Our Engineers supply Installation and Technical
Assistance of the systems directly to the customer, Interfacing with handling systems such as robots, automatic lathes, pipe lines and automation of the entire process.
In addition, all the spare parts for our systems are available in our stock for fast deliveries.


These systems and other goods for Thermal Spray are used to protect against oxidation, corrosion and wear in:
Aquatic, Marine and Coastal Environments
Structural and Architectural Steelwork
Construction of wind turbines
Structures in reinforced concrete
GPL Tanks
Heat exchangers
Tubes and Pipes
Rolls for paper and cellulose
Seating and Ball valves
Decorative and Artistic Environments

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