Metal powders and additives for production of diamond tools

Metal powders: Cobalt Powders, Tungsten Powders, Tungsten Carbide Powders, Fused Tungsten Carbide Powders, Cobalt/Tungsten Carbide Mixes, Next ® Prealloyed Powders, Keen ® Prealloyed Powders, Step ® prealloyed, Bronze Powders, Copper Powders, Tin Powders, Iron Powders, Nickel Powders, Aluminium Powders, Silver Powders, Titanium Powders, Zinc Powders.

Additives: Grafite Powders, Glicole, Binders for Granulation, Lubrificating Powders for Mixing.

Products for hardfacing welding

Open Arc Flux cored wires, MIG flux cored wires, Submerged arc welding, Ni,Co,Fe base Flux cored wires, Ni and Fe base Flux cored wires with Tungsten Carbide for most extreme wear and tear, Tungsten Carbide Products (rods, tubes and flexible rods) for most extreme wear and tear, FCAW wires with the presence of different types of Carbides for different kind of wear conditions, Rods and Powders for oxyacetylene welding and thermal spraying, PTA Powders, PTA Systems, Powders with crushed or spherical fused and sintered Tungsten Carbides, Wear Plates, Electrodes and wires for welding of steel (also stainless steel and for those difficult to weld), Electrodes and wires for welding of Aluminum and Bronze,Electrodes and wires for welding of Cast Iron, Electrodes for Hardfacing, Electrodes with Tungsten carbides, Solid Copper wire, Silver rods di rame

Systems and consumable products for thermal spray

Flame systems, arc systems, HVOF systems, Plasma systems.

Consumable goods for solid wires, flux cored wires, powders.

Hard metal products for rolling

Tungsten Carbide Rings for Rolling of Long Products:
Rings with pure Cobalt binder, Rings with Co+Ni+Cr binder, Flat table rings, Rings with grooves, Rings for rebars, Rings for cold rolling of rebars, Rings for hot rolling of seamless tubes, Pinch Rolls, Mark up of logos
Composite Rolls: Composite rolls with hydraulic nut locking device, Composite rolls with mechanical device
Titanium Carbide Guide Rollers

Products for metal cutting

Our long experience on this sector permits us to meet the casuistry that this particular technology represents.
A careful selection of world-wide partners guarantees a wide range of high-quality products.